Hello, Weirdos

Measuring the Circle is the one and only live Fortean video podcast. Our show brings a professional discussion on current fringe topics straight into your living room through the magic of YouTube! Measuring the Circle is written, designed, and brought to you each month by Madeline Kate and Jim Pyre.

Watch us on YouTube the last Thursday of each month at 8 p.m. CST!

Madeline is a full time designer, and has been riddled with curiosity about the universe we live in ever since childhood. She has investigated over 60 strange locations across the world, and has gathered an extensive list of experiences. “People from the past, present and future may now communicate with or observe my presence. There is no objective flow of time.” Learn more about Madeline when her website launches very soon.

Madeline Kate

Jim is a published author and respected Fae researcher. He has spoken on a variety of podcasts, lectured at conferences, and is excited to launch his very own show. “I also know that there are places – above, below, behind, and right beside us, just beyond the reach of our rational senses”. Learn more about Jim at www.jimpyre.com

Jim Pyre