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Here is where will we keep a list of all of our shows to date, from newest to oldest.

Episode 107: One Word: Bigfoot

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Kooshtaka, Skunk Ape, while there are many names, there is commonality in the reports of the strange hairy humanoid/hominoid creature found across remote regions world wide. Usually covered in dark hair, weighing several hundred pounds, and standing over 7-10 feet tall, these beings have become intertwined in legend and pop culture. While some believe this entity is an unidentified species of ape, many researchers have turned to a more paranormal explanation. On this show we are going to talk about the history, the different theories, and some supporting unique and current cases. The second half of the show we are premiering an interview with a very special guest, Timothy Renner. Timothy is the creator of the Strange Familiars podcast, and has written two books on gathered reports of Bigfoot. He is currently working on gathering reports of an untouched subject – the Flannel Man. This is going to be a wild show, so sit back and enjoy a howling good time!

Episode 106: UFO’s and High Strangeness

The theories on UFO’s and their occupants are as varied as the experiencers and researchers themselves. With the push for disclosure steady growing, the topic of UFO’s have been on the plates of paranormal researchers around the world. This episode Jim and Madeline are going to explore the high strangeness of unidentifiable objects in the sky, nuts-and-bolts craft wreckage, and the unbelievable entities who are seeing coming out of them. In the second half of the show, we interview a man who has had a very unique UFO close encounter, and Madeline create a digital painting of what he saw that night. Things are going to get very strange!

Episode 105: Let’s Talk Magic and Draw Sigils!

Magic is as ancient as humankind, and still prevalent throughout many cultures today. There are many different forms of magic, just as there are many different types of practitioners, but they all have in common the belief that they have control over reality. In this episode we are going to talk about the history and practices of Chaos Magic, which is a relatively new form of magic that stems from pragmatic approach to belief systems. In 1978 Peter Carroll and Ray Sherwin founded the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) – a chaos magic organization that you can still join today. We are also going to be treated to a live sigil-drawing demonstration by Madeline, where she will show you different historical and modern methods of crafting your own magical symbol for ritual use. If you are interested in occultism, you won’t want to miss this show!

Episode 104: Black Eyed Entities

This episode we are talking about the accounts of black eyed entities from prehistoric times up into present day. We interview a man who saw a black eyed adult, twice. Madeline then meets with the witness again to complete a forensic style sketch of the man. Things are going to get weird!

Episode 103: Yuletide Special

Happy Midwinter festivities for those in the northern hemispheres! This show Madeline talked about different traditions that are based around the winter solstice. We then move into our recorded interview with a man who has had two weird Christmas encounters. Once he witnessed a person dressed as Santa teleport candy onto his bed. A few years later he saw a sleigh connected to prehistoric reindeer. Things are going to get weird! So sit back and enjoy.

Episode 102: Chicago Mothman 

Have you heard of the recent flux of Mothman sightings over Chicago in 2017? Measuring the Circle takes you deep inside this subject by interviewing the professional researchers who have gathered the reports, talked to witnesses, and visited the sighting locations. We interviewed Jack Blu who interviewed a witness to something very strange, Allison Jornlin from who has visited every sighting location, Sam Maranto the Illinois State Director of MUFON, and Lon Strickler who has received all of the reports to his Phantoms and Monsters blog.

Episode 101: About the Creators

Our pilot episode is an introduction to the shows’ creators, Jim and Madeline. Measuring the Circle is the one and only live Fortean video podcast. We are here to host a professional discussion on current fringe topics. Through the power of YouTube we can bring this directly into your living room! Measuring the Circle is written, designed, and brought to you each month by two proud weirdos, Jim Pyre and Madeline Kate.


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