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Here is where will we keep a list of all of our shows to date, from newest to oldest. Grab your popcorn and comfy clothes and enjoy!

Episode: 104 Black Eyed Entities

This episode we are talking about the accounts of black eyed entities from prehistoric times up into present day. We interview a man who saw a black eyed adult, twice. Madeline then meets with the witness again to complete a forensic style sketch of the man. Things are going to get weird!

Episode: 103 Yuletide Special

Happy Midwinter festivities for those in the northern hemispheres! This show Madeline talked about different traditions that are based around the winter solstice. We then move into our recorded interview with a man who has had two weird Christmas encounters. Once he witnessed a person dressed as Santa teleport candy onto his bed. A few years later he saw a sleigh connected to prehistoric reindeer. Things are going to get weird! So sit back and enjoy.

Episode: 102 Chicago Mothman 

Have you heard of the recent flux of Mothman sightings over Chicago in 2017? Measuring the Circle takes you deep inside this subject by interviewing the professional researchers who have gathered the reports, talked to witnesses, and visited the sighting locations. We interviewed Jack Blu who interviewed a witness to something very strange, Allison Jornlin from who has visited every sighting location, Sam Maranto the Illinois State Director of MUFON, and Lon Strickler who has received all of the reports to his Phantoms and Monsters blog.

Episode: 101 About the Creators

Our pilot episode is an introduction to the shows’ creators, Jim and Madeline. Measuring the Circle is the one and only live Fortean video podcast. We are here to host a professional discussion on current fringe topics. Through the power of YouTube we can bring this directly into your living room! Measuring the Circle is written, designed, and brought to you each month by two proud weirdos, Jim Pyre and Madeline Kate.


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